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Bukan mudah utk menjaga hati semua orang,walaupun sedaya upaya mencuba, namun pasti ada yg terasa. Jika kesilapan semalam belum terampun, moga dimaafkanlah. Jika kesilapan hari ini menyakitkan, dgn harapan moga lupakanlah, dan jika kesilapan esok atau mendatang ku mohon jgnlah dibawa sampai akhirat. Maafkanlah kalau aku buat hatimu terluka kerana sesungguhnya aku juga manusia terbatas.


Hey readers! :) New Year is just around da corner . It is only take about just a few hours before we start the NEW DIARIES .

Just wanna make it simple . Wish you guys a very very happy final year of TwoThousandTEN . Make your year of 2010 , is the precious memories .! Keep all the best damn thing that happened in your life . Don't ever let the unimportant problem to be your nightmare in TwoThousandELEVEN .!

To my lovely parents and family , you guys are always be my priority . Nothing can changed it . I do love them so much . :') && To all mydearest friends , we will still be friends forever and ever . InshaAllah . :)

'love is what you really need to make you live. Don't make it go away forever. Fight for it and don't give up! Its your destiny'

Keep on moving to be better than before ! Hope 2011 is my lucky year. ;) I wish i can be yours. Teheee . :)


My another half

Hoping this photo would come alive. Rindu awak walaupun baru jumpa semalam and& this feelings wont go away. they wanted to stay here in my heart. Saya rindu awak. saja nak awak tahu bila awak baca ni. hesh, rrrrrrinnnduuu amaaattt ♥

thanx peeps !


both make my life alive. sapa kata kawan maya tak boleh dipercaya? ntah la. for me, i found a true friend. happy and sad moment. they will be with me, selain my family+him la kan.

seriously, time i sedih, time i happy, them will always be near to me. even kat alam maya saje. tapi, i still feel comfortable with all their words.

tak tahu kenapa, lately all my twitter friends do colour my life. like FOR REAL! dah banyak twitter friends yang i jumpa. and we get close to each other. and memang kami semua satu kepala. best sangat!

for those yang tak reti guna twitter, twitter way much more fun dr FB! hik²~ i do register twitter account on 25th August 2009, but start active like end of the year. and i do ADDICTED for it. hehe. and my tweet pon dah berbelas ribu. haha.

and actually, pasal dunia maya ini juga, saya menemukan seorang jejaka yg telah mencuri hati saya. and we already become love each other. time flies fast. and please, cepat lg. sbb bila berjauhan tu, buat saya rndu awk sgt2. =.=

and beribu ribu ucapan terima kasih kepada sesiapa yang sudi menjadi teman saya. teman ketika susah dan senang. even di alam maya. terima kasih diucapkan. and to my closes friend, i do love you all so much. thanx for everything. for every single moment that us had spent our time. do be friend with me till our last breath ok?

and to my love, u just complete me. as i used to say before. thanx. thanx for being such a great man for me. thanx for every single moment that we had together. thank coz u have a high patient on me. thanx.

i duuno how much thank that i would like to say! but, i do appriciate all of u! A LOT!



hari-hari aku kena bebel..agaknya muka aku neh memang layak dibebel lah !
seronok kena bebel sebab rasa kepuasan tak terhingga.
bibik comel yang membebel.
kakak yang meleter.
budak manja yang mengomel.
*roomate2 ku..anda tahu bukan kat atas tuh sifat anda yang mana satu.
sila pilih jangan berebut..bibik ke.kakak ke. adik ke saje aku tak tag..
kalu tak memasal je aku disaman kerana ketupatkan kawan sendiri...HAHA.

tetiba je korang beranakan blog sendiri kan...
bagus ! maju setapak lagi...
maka kalau aku update blog atau bertafakur di hadapan laptop..
sudah tiada lagi suara-suara menghalang perbuatan aku.
atau kot-kot aku pulak nasihatkan korang stop2 la blogging dulu..
wah !tak sabar nak nasihatkan korang macam tuh.
soronok tak perasaan tu ye..

makan jugak pujukan aku ya yang berbunyi..
erm..kalau korang ada blog..kalau kita berjauhan..nanti boleh la tahu keadaan masing-masing.

tapi aku kecek kelate lah..ayat tuh dah di google traslatekan...lau cakak luai nanti pecah berderai botol2 budu.;p

kawan kawan kawan ku sekalian korang punyai bakat terpendam yang amat dalam..
sungguh jauh tak terselam...

mohammad izzat bin ali

hey love,i'm going miss youu!
time flies so fast right?

i still remember almost everything
on what happened on our first met
its funny when i recall it back.

we had through lots of thing.
fight, happy, sad, gloomy, moody.
almost everything

but, we are still together
as a couple, friend, partner
u just complete my life.

u have sacrificed a lot in our relationship.
i know it.
thank dear.

too much to write it here.
i just want u to know.

how much i do love you.
how much i do care about you.

thank for accepting me for who am i.
both of us trying to change for good.

till then.

dear diary

final exam coming soon.
nothing prepared.
ape nak jadi ntah kann.
well,ramai org ckap student lyfe mmg cm ni.
hahah,then lepas dapt result jgn menyesal der.
bila nk final je assignment+quiz+test pun sibuk la nk seiring sejalan jgk kann.

Today is never too late to be brand new.

happy EID all peeps ;))

gurls day out ;))

hey peeps..blog dah brhabuk.sorry..da lma ta update..kesian kaw kan blog..heee..semakin hari semakin malas..hipotesis utk ari ni..hahah..merepek je der..ni gue upload pixt my sygg..ktorng kuar jadi kutu rayau 2 3 ari ni..mklum la kelas pun jrang2 je ade bile tibe nya midsem.haaaa,,kntoii ta stdy..lex lu..31 ogos cuty..pulun stdy dat day..haha..konon je la enn..membuta jgk keje nye haa..

bubye readers..da penat menaip.. ;))

kDg2 kTe x sDr..oRg yG
kTe x pDuLi sYg gLe kT
kDg2 kTe x SdR Yg kTe
tLmPaU sYg kT 0rG
sDgkN diE sLaLu sAkiTkN
hAti kTe..
& kTe xPnAh sDr yG kTe
BknNyE sEmPuRnA
uTk mNDpTkn ORg Yg
sGt2 SeMpUrNa dLm
hDuP ktE...
& kTe bKn sAPe2 uTk
bUaT OrG MnyAyAngi kTe
mCm kTe sYg Kt diE sbB
kTe bKn La sEbAiK yG D

please ! please ! please ! tolong !

It is the magic word as far as i concern it to be.. Right?

Please, Tolong and maybe other words in other language.

Is it really hard to say or to speak it out when you ask or need other people’s help?

Am wondering, some of people out there, are really hard to use this word when they ask some other people’s help. It just, u ask someone helps, why not you say the magic word. Is it that hard to say? If its once, or twice they didnt use any magic word, Im ok with that, but if its always?

I really didnt understand this kind of people. Its really hard for me to accept it. Since I used all the magic word every time I ask favor from someone.. Hey you, wheres your respect to other peoples? They are not your slave or what ever! Do have some respect everytime you ask some peoples help!

hey peeps !

update mine's..
i'm here still upbeat..
my jntung still pumping..
hope anda sume pun begitu..
see ya readers :)

till then love;

happy mother's day !

masih belum terlambat utk saya push da button 'publish post'..smlam ta sempat nak buat entry ni..

Without mothers...some words in this world would have no meanings at all..’words’ like love,home and joy…

A mother’s love is beyond explanation,it is precious and rare,like the mystery of creation.For each time you thought of me before you thought about yourself,I want to say thank you.and I think of you as much as you think of me..

Your arms were always open when I needed a HUG…

Your heart understand when I needed a FRIEND..

Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a LESSON..

Your strength and love guided me and give me wings to help me soar..

iLOVEyou mama..wishing you a very happy mother's day !

till then ma,iLOVEyou..

beautiful blogger award :)

terkejut bila ngah blog-walking kat blog ARXAR NADHIRAH,and nampak nampak blog ni tersenarai dalam beautiful blogger award..haha..mcm ta percaya pun ade gak..hihi..anyway,thanx dear :)
Now,i kna pass this award to another 15 top yang i rasa awesome.banyak tuu..i know who deserve it.but,i'll announce the winner of this award later oke..see u darl..

wait...i want to create a lil bout myself..

*every one know that i love to talk. talk talk talk non stop. tak boleh nk berhenti cakap unless i betul2 takde mood or tengah sakit, but sakit pon i selalu je cakap non stop. haha

*muka nampak kental, and gagah - bak kate senior, but hati lembut selembut2 nya. i suke kacau orang,plus lak orang tidur..my feveret ..haha..

*suka buat benda di luar dugaan. hyper2 kt kelas.

*mostly my closes friend terdiri dari kaum adam. i bukan playgirl ea, sebab hati i dah dicuri oleh sesorang. so, tolong jgn buat sebarang spekulasi yer.

*mr.bf and me bertemu dalam situasi lain dari yang lain. rasanya ada yang dah tahu macam mane i boleh bertemu dengan beliau.

thats all from me i guess, hehe~
till then, love :)

guys ! pray for him

My cuzen, Wan Faqih is now in HUSM suffering some internal bleeding in the head. Had an operation early friday morning and is closely under monitoring. His condition is stable but is still trauma after an accident with a car and knocked his head. Dear families and fraternal friends, pls pray for his speediest recovery, amin.

kat ER HUSM,masa mula2 accident

HTC sense

after the operation

my addicted :)

hoho! pagi tadi makan nih..

Moist chocolate cake

kenyang gilee , sedap lah.ta payah bgtaw pun korunk taw enn ? pastuh da ta de selera nak makan nasi,*tade selera pun makan jugak.haha.fake betol ! how life today eh? tah laa , mula2 rasa sedihsgtt. tp tamo la gtaw knpe.hope pasni heppy balik..*i guess la..huhu

preparation for interview..maybe mlm krg buat.ehee..well,malasss pny pasal..

now nak pegi sambung tdow.bubye readers !

she want to be sombody , someday. she's not perfect. So,if she makes any mistakes, forgive her pleasee.. She believes that worth a lesson to be learnt , as part of learning process to be a bettergirl. :)

psst , she's also not a good lover

it's all about:cookiecrumbs

Uncle kracker - Smile :)

You're better then the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me,
Lets me know that it's ok, yeah it's ok
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

Even when you're gone
Somehow you come along
Just like a flower poking through
the sidewalk crack and just like that
You steal away the rain and just like that

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

Don't know how I lived without you
Cause every time that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

been so looong :)

hey ladies and gentleman!hi-hi-hisorry foe da long hiatus.bukan ta rindu nk menulis blog,but i have a big responsibility for my coming interview..hohoh.pape pun ta ready agy..i have 2 interview ..can't wait..aha,u know why?selagi ta pegy interview ni selagi tu la jiwa aku ta senang..neves babe..

and and and i have no idea to blogging actually...hoho. pnyakit malas mnyerang kembali.anyone can help me?gawshhhh...teruk betul dis girl enn enn..;)
well,ilove myself.hoho..iMISSyou bloggers !

bila kesengalan terserlah :)

persoalan yang tidak terjawab sejak beberapa tahun lalu , kenapa saya terpilih utk belajr bidang perubatan? knp bukan kulinari , hotel ,fesyen , sains sukan , kaunseling , and pape jer la..
haha, giler kan fkir pasal ni..it's hard to make a true future..

saya juga tertanya-tanya soalan yg sama smpai hari ini , cita2 asal saya hanyalah menjadi power rangers pink..hidup ini sungguh rumit kannn..ahaha

merepek kannnn..biar awh..aku nya blog, aku nya pasal la

bubye readers..=)

b e n g a n g !!! wtf

mmg susah nk jaga mulut org,mmg susah nk suruh org berhenti bercakap sbb aku pun ske bercakap,but ta de la sampai nk busy body pasal org len,just ckp menda2 yg berkait ngan aku...and kaw jantan , mmg sibuk nk busy body pasal lyfe aku..mmg ko bley kalah kan makcik2 kepoh kat kg aku derr..

ske aty aku la nk emotional ke ape, ske aty aku la nk layan kaw ke tak, bile ko da bengang ngn aku ko bebas la kan nk ckp2 pasal aku , and nk judge aku yg bukan2 ,ko knl aku pun kat mspce je derr...lu tambiiii , better back off oke !!!!

bila aku dah block ko kat mspace , mmg aman la idup aku..hahah..aku ta perlu kan kawan yg mulut sial mcm ko..aku akan hormat sape2 yg hormat aku , dan bila org ta hormat aku aku pun bley jadi cm ko bwat .. mulut aku pun bley jadi hevat and kalah kan ko .. ko taw pun nk blah bila aku ckp cm tu smlm..aku ingt ko jenis yg ta paham bahasa..hahah

malam ni agak bosan di sini..kanak2 ribena yg terlebih aktif tdow awal..and how bout me ??dunno what to do..hell yeahh ! music , music , music on .. then turn 1 lagu ni come home by one republic.. oh nooo ! sy rindukan rumah saya ;( rindu mama , abah and adik2 juge..da dkt 2 weeks ta buli and ta cri pasal ngan adik2 saya, kira lama la jgk tu enn :)

come home ! come home !

home sweet home , even ta cantik mcm rumah korunk ,but i'm proud living there ..happy familee ! =)

and semestinya rindukan iniiii .. my sweet dream there =)

so many black love again
so,i try to hate all love
but youu say to me dun try to hate someone
but youu make me hate youu much much and much
i try to make love hate youu
i hate love because all make me sad

saya tahu saya ta cantik..tapi saya jugak ada hati..so awak , jangan la lukai haty saya..sbb saya pun nak bahagia..(=_=)

sape nak jadi hero saya ? hand up pleaseee..
hero owh hero !

org kuningg :)

yebayebaa! rindu nk dgr title 'org kuning' .. best moment ever msa stdy at unikl,rcmp.. student pharmacy mmg wajib pkai uniform yg ta sbrapa nk cntik tuu..aiyokk..mcm cleaner pun ada kann..but ta pe , kat cllge uw bukan aku je yg pkai , rmai agy weyh..

p/s : gmbar muka ta boley tgkk . sbb nk bg tgk baju je act ..haha

april ;)

haishhh! rindu suda sama ini my dear diary . but sumtyme quite malas nk update ..hekss..haha..sory ekk blog! maybe pasni da susah nk bg kaw mkn story aku .

well now da msuk april .. bubye march. iloveyouu lah april ! msuk je april memang get ready fizikal dan mental la kan..haha..jgn terpengaruh dgn cerita2 yg ta berapa nk srprise tuu sempena aprilfool..hahah..wat reminder babe..sorry awh..

foe my fwenz akim, jaja , frah , apis ...haha korang ta berapa nk terer agy la weyh nk wat aprilfool..mmg aku sengja kowt ta nk reply msg korunk mlm tu .. pape pun 1st msg korunk uw mmg bley knakan org if ta ingt tarikh 1 april ennnn...werkkkk...

okayy lah , tu jeh nk cite. gudbye readers !

ari ni ta de pape yg menarik kowt nk letak kat entry ni.how my day?biasa je kowt.bgn tdow tadi rasa cm pening2 , then mandi lepak tgk tv and tolong ma kat dapur.ingat nk pegy jomheboh , but but i'm going lazy guys !
and tonite , sy nak pegy kl..nnty ade masa jumpa lagi ye..

orite, let me seize my day and bubye readers :) love yaaa!

i'm hott !

oke2..tadi bru sy ckp happy kan sbb da ckup tdur utk ari ni..

tadi bile lps mandi,sy tgk crmin.

omg ! got new pimple there..gawshhhh

1 pimple at my nose lahh ;


talk to my mom ...

but , jwpn yg sgt la menarik dan myakinkan saya..


my mom ckp,nape bdk2 skrg jadi kan jerawat 1 beban???

jerawat tu sexy taw tak..

yeay !

lps ni ta perlu la korunk2 sume pkai bju ta ckup kain and dedah sana , dedah sini..

ckup la dgn jerawat , I’m become nurul hot girl..hahahah

pimples owh pimples !

nsib la 1 je..

thanx ma !

see you next entry readers J

pixie lot!

how i adore her :)
she's sweet and her voice are fantastico.
ofcos lagu dy punn best lah!

okayy! enough on musics. so, hows my day huh? yayy! i've been through abeautiful day today.
*sbb saya ckup tdur dan ckup rehat :)

the reasons :)

hari ni sy bgun lambat !
*mata sy ckp die ta ckup rehat lagi.

over is over.

and now i found my happy lyfe without 'u'.

if saya dah bahagia utk lupakn awk baru awk sibuk nak care lyfe saya kan.

sorry boys,u have too late !

single is fucking enjoyable than be with u !!

D0n't blame faith if i'm g0ne,

i hate myself foe loving pepel lyke youu,boy !


heeee....merepek kann

ptg tadi my aunty dtg..tgh rancak borak..tiba2,keluar la ini topik..perghh...;)

aunty : kak nurul wat pe je skrg ?

saya : ngah tggu nk smbung stdy.insyaAllah klu ade peluang..knp?

aunty : ta de pe.saje je tny..klu ta nk stdy ingt nk cari calon,kawin je la klu dah ta nk stdy(nada gurauan yg buat aku tersentak)

saya : heee(smbil senyum2 kambing) xnak la,ta fkir pun pasl tu.nk stdy .nk stdy..heeee

aku mmg rasa nka kawin (gatal kowt)haha..tapi calon pun ta de.dan juga da important is,duit 1 sen pun ta de nk wat knduri..bg tetamu mkn pasir bley la..hahaha..nmpknya mmg ta de rezeki la kan nk gatal fkir pasal kawin..nurul,duk diam2 je la oke..stdy dulu..maybe bley praktis memask and merajinkan diri kemas rumah..belajr yg ni dulu pun da kira oke sgt2 la kann.haha...

muka cnfuse..bila la sy nk dpt soulmate dlm hdup sy..kusut awhh..hero,cpt la dtg...;)

klu bley sy nk cri sndiri da best soulmate dlm hdup sy..knp sy letk gmbr kat ats ni??mimik muka yg ta puas aty klu mama sy crikan mr right yg sy ta setuju..hahah..burukk kan..cnfirm da calon yg diplih tu akn lari..hahah..tade keje kann.;)

at last,sy nk senyum lebar cm ni if 1 day sy da jmpa da best soulmate dlm hdup sy..and my fmily sume bley accept bakal hsbnd sya sepenuhnya..best nye kann ;)

will you ever talk again?
oh boy,why you so speechless?
you left me speechless , so speechless
i'll never talk again ,
and i'll never love again
you've left me speechless , so speechless

sy di tag oleh da girl ..haha !

01. Bekas kekasih saya adalah : seorang lelaki ;D belum terpikir nak bercinta dengan perempuan.
02. Saya sedang mendengar : cucu jiran depan rumah saya memekak.
03. Mungkin saya patut: mandi?
04. Saya suka : pijak rumput. anda suka?
05. Sahabat-sahabat baik saya : comel comel belaka ;D
06. Saya tak paham : bahasa tamil! dey macha, ap lu crita?
07. Saya kehilangan : pendrive 4GB, pulangkan lahh wahai pencuri.
08. Ramai yang berkata : hye bubu!
09. Makna nama saya :
gembira dan happy. sama jeh kot maksudny tuu.
10. Cinta itu adalah : komputer kot?

11. Di suatu tempat, Seseorang sedang : masak lunch untuk saya! mak saya yg kat dapur tuhh.
12. Saya akan cuba:
trajang bola golf masuk lubang dia. yay! tigerwood ;D
13. Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud : forever laa. pa lagi?
14. Telefon bimbit saya : bole tangkap gambar. hebat kan? haha.
15. Bila saya terjaga dari tidur : saya terus g toilet!
16. Saya paling meluat apabila : seseorang bajet cun. huh! meluat sungguh!
17. Pesta/Parti adalah :
kalau tak salah, nama pokok, kan?
18. Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah : kucing dan cat. setuju?
19. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah : sekarang lah. sebab baru sekarang saya dapat jawab soalan yang seronok ni. muahahaha.
20. Hari ini : hari selasa. besok hari rabu. besok lagi tanak tanya?
21. Malam ini saya akan : tidur awal, besok nak keluar.
22. Esok pula saya akan :
going sumwhere la, kan da habak kat atas tu?
23. Saya betul-betul inginkan :
iPhone yang comel tu. bole bagi tak?
24. Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini : saya nampak 1 jerawat baru kat hdung.
25. Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan : entah la. ape kebende nye tu?
26. Makanan Barat atau Jepun : barat, sebab kenyang. jepun, sikit sgt! kedekut, buang duit jepp.
27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap :
terang ah, kalau gelap camne nak type pakai keyboard ni.
28. Makanan segera adalah :
maggie 3 minit! segera kan?
29. Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang? : bila nak belanja aku kereta?
30. Tag ini datang dari : perempuan yang SANGAT comel ;D