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Bukan mudah utk menjaga hati semua orang,walaupun sedaya upaya mencuba, namun pasti ada yg terasa. Jika kesilapan semalam belum terampun, moga dimaafkanlah. Jika kesilapan hari ini menyakitkan, dgn harapan moga lupakanlah, dan jika kesilapan esok atau mendatang ku mohon jgnlah dibawa sampai akhirat. Maafkanlah kalau aku buat hatimu terluka kerana sesungguhnya aku juga manusia terbatas.


Hey readers! :) New Year is just around da corner . It is only take about just a few hours before we start the NEW DIARIES .

Just wanna make it simple . Wish you guys a very very happy final year of TwoThousandTEN . Make your year of 2010 , is the precious memories .! Keep all the best damn thing that happened in your life . Don't ever let the unimportant problem to be your nightmare in TwoThousandELEVEN .!

To my lovely parents and family , you guys are always be my priority . Nothing can changed it . I do love them so much . :') && To all mydearest friends , we will still be friends forever and ever . InshaAllah . :)

'love is what you really need to make you live. Don't make it go away forever. Fight for it and don't give up! Its your destiny'

Keep on moving to be better than before ! Hope 2011 is my lucky year. ;) I wish i can be yours. Teheee . :)