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Bukan mudah utk menjaga hati semua orang,walaupun sedaya upaya mencuba, namun pasti ada yg terasa. Jika kesilapan semalam belum terampun, moga dimaafkanlah. Jika kesilapan hari ini menyakitkan, dgn harapan moga lupakanlah, dan jika kesilapan esok atau mendatang ku mohon jgnlah dibawa sampai akhirat. Maafkanlah kalau aku buat hatimu terluka kerana sesungguhnya aku juga manusia terbatas.

Lets fight some more!!

Songs always give me inspiration and motivation.. It blends well with my soul.. And this song, Fight for This Love' by Cheryl Cole is very very inspiring.. It has a wide meaning, and up to you, how you want to perceived.. For me, it's not all about love.. Its about life.. Cheryl Cole is telling me that "Don't stop!! Keep moving!!".. If we feel tired, just hold on.. Don't ever turn back.. We're already half way.. Just proceed.. Face the future, face the adventure.. We're heading there now.. With some 'silly' obstacles, we'll finally arrive to our destination..

I'm gonna be a English Teacher so soon.. 2 years is so soon.. 2013, I see myself as a strong teacher with smile on her face.. not to forget, i see myself rushing to my own boutique after work.. Its a dream.. I don't make dream my master, but I still believe in dream.. Dream drives me crazy, crazy to achieve my goals and aims..

Presents you..


Too much of anything can make you sick
Even the good can be a curse
Makes it hard to know which road to go down
Knowing too much can get your hurt

Is it better is it worst
Are we sitting in reverse
Its just like we´re going backwards
I know where I want this to go
We´re driving fast but lets go slow
what i dont wanna do is crash, no
Just know you´re not in this thing alone
There´s always a place in me that you can call home
Whenever you feel like we´re growing apart
Let´s just go back back back back back to the start
Anything that´s worth having
Is sure enough worth fighting for
Quitings out of the question
When it gets tough gotta fight some more

We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love
We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love
We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love
Its worth having its worth fighting for

Now everyday aint gon´ be no picnic
Love aint no walk in the park
All you can do is make the best of it now
Can´t be afraid of the dark

I don´t know where we´re heading
I´m willing and ready to go
We can´t drive it so fast we just need to slow down
And just roll

We gotta fight for this love!!
Its worth having its worth fighting for!!

fellas !

oH,my darling (:

gonna miss my friends..
feel lyke wanna going back to 'desasiswi terchenta'..hoho..

nota kaki : till then fellas,ILY !