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Bukan mudah utk menjaga hati semua orang,walaupun sedaya upaya mencuba, namun pasti ada yg terasa. Jika kesilapan semalam belum terampun, moga dimaafkanlah. Jika kesilapan hari ini menyakitkan, dgn harapan moga lupakanlah, dan jika kesilapan esok atau mendatang ku mohon jgnlah dibawa sampai akhirat. Maafkanlah kalau aku buat hatimu terluka kerana sesungguhnya aku juga manusia terbatas.

****failed to searching for title****

hello frenz !! i love to write on !

t0 let all of y0u kn0w what i felt ryte now

damn it !! i dont kn0w what i want to talk about

buttt... it muz be s0mething .. .dat can create s0mething

but juz like whatttt huhhhh?

errrr... damn!!! i dont kn0w larr...

talk about s0meone

who love to keep in c0ntact wif me

then suddenly dissaapeeareadddd?

what the heck is g0in on !!

hak33....... owh yeah...

t0 th0se of y0u wh0 love to kn0w me m0re

d0 read my page first babeee

im tiredd to repeattttt.... and repeatttt..

alm0st th0usand of the same thinggssss !!

perhapss..... this is my own way..

but f0r sureee babe...

y0u will n0t felt regret t0 kn0w me

t0 be frenz wif me

thats the truthnesss of my friends-relations- happy j0y life :D

and wh0 in dis w0rlds

didnt love to be threat n to threat s0meone dat they like?

wh0 agreee wif me?

i dont care ab0ut dat!

but everyday in my pray

im always make sure to pray the best thing especially to my frenz

so dat they will alwys pink in health..happy always

n f0r sure successfulll in their live...

what a lovely cookiecrumbs... hehee

i love my selfff m0re than everyone can ...

anyone want t0 debate ab0ut dis? f0r sure n0 wayyyy !!

okey... im tired.. wanna g0 f0r lunch ryte nowww...

daaaaadaaa :D