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Bukan mudah utk menjaga hati semua orang,walaupun sedaya upaya mencuba, namun pasti ada yg terasa. Jika kesilapan semalam belum terampun, moga dimaafkanlah. Jika kesilapan hari ini menyakitkan, dgn harapan moga lupakanlah, dan jika kesilapan esok atau mendatang ku mohon jgnlah dibawa sampai akhirat. Maafkanlah kalau aku buat hatimu terluka kerana sesungguhnya aku juga manusia terbatas.

Make up shit about me to complicate mine or any of my friends lives, i'll rip out every organ in ur body and feed it to you through a straw. DON'T FUCK with my personal life or you'll be sorry :) .
My name's Nurul

I really I am
I'm not Lesbo
Note: I do care what you think (contrary to popular belief). Care meaning: I think it over. Care not meaning: I will change for you.
I can't be compared to anyone else.. I'm NOT the same.

I plan to BE something, this will not change. and I guarantee you it will happen. With dat said, do not get in my way. If your intention is to fuck me over, I suggest you think it over first. Im not a mean person at all; I just know what I want, and when I want something, I will get it. I dont expect or want things to come to me. Id rather work for money than have it fall into my lap (although a large indefinite amount of money would be rather helpful..haha
• Who I Want to Meet: Unless you are..
• a photo slut
• really fucking bitch
• haters I will not meet/date you! So stop trying.